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Online shop for rugs and carpets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Taxi App for iPhone, Android, web and phone. One of the most downloaded app in Austria at its launch in 2011.


Online ski rental platform with local partners all over the Alps.


Fabian Rauch

Fabian Rauch is founder of, which is a carpet E-Commerce store launched in 2013 with current operations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. By using drop shipping onloom can offer more than 1600 carpets from many different suppliers and is growing on a daily basis, with the aim to become the market leader in its niche and expand to several European countries in the next years.

In 2011 he founded Get-a-Taxi, an iPhone and Android App with the aim to make ordering taxis more convenient for the client as well as for the taxi drivers. Funded by business angels from Germany and Switzerland, Get-a-Taxi expanded to several cities in Austria and became one of the most downloaded apps in Austria.

In 2007, together with a partner, Fabian Rauch developed an online ski rental software for a local business in Tirol. Realizing the potential, the software was distributed to several stores in the Austrian Alps and a platform was created offering online ski rental in all major skiing destinations in Austria.

Fabian Rauch did his MSc in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan and a BA in Business Administration, Bocconi University, Milan.

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